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So as the new iPhone 4s rolls out today, I want to let you know about a little app I am launching on iTunes. May it prove to be big in the BUCKET world. "Bucket", you say? Buckets are for beer, for playing in the sand, for figuratively kicking in a worst case scenario and in the best of all possible worlds, there are buckets of money. What else are buckets used for? Buckets are also for cloud computing, friends. Amazon Cloud Computing to be precise. So you get an Amazon S3 account and you've uploaded all your goodies, especially those ginormous files you don't want to keep on your hardrive, to the big cloud sever in the sky. Fine, those files live in luxury there like the gods on Olympus. But how do we mere mortal access our files now?  Why Bucket Link, of course! Especially files for clients who don't want to know from FTP sites and logging in, remembering passwords, finding the file, not be able to open the file, blaming you for not being able to open the file.... Why are you making the client do all this work?! Here you are, practically a tech god, and you are making clients angry. Their puny hardrives just may choke on that big shiny hi-res file you just sent.  Well, not for a savvy few - they bought a copy of Bucket Link on iTunes this month. On the go, on your iPhone and iPad you can use Bucket Link to build a web address link to your file. Email it, Bump it, Tweet it, even Facebook it. Afterall, where else is everybody at 3pm these days? 

The Bucket Link app makes one direct link on the web you can send anywhere, anytime. That's what Bucket Link is for.  It Launched this June on iTunes in the Business category.

Follow the link here to see what Bucket Link can do for you:

Starlight Media thanks you!

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